Inland Marine Insurance

If your business is unique or on the go, you may need to purchase Inland Marine insurance. This type of coverage protects your business property as it goes from one location to another. It also covers property that has a unique valuation.

Protection for Mobile Property

If you have business property that is constantly taken from one location to another, you need special protection. It may be equipment used in your construction business or tools for your catering company. You need to insure that camera you use in your photography business as well as the cleaning equipment for your cleaning service company.

Policies are written up to fit your exact needs which ensures you have adequate coverage if items are damaged in transit or at locations other than your business property. If you frequently have property located off-site, you need to consider an Inland Marine insurance policy.

Special Coverage for You

Inland Marine policies also cover unique situations with your business. Some prime examples of when you need this type of coverage include the following:

  • Protection of structures in the process of being built along with the materials of new construction
  • Protection for property of customers or clients when left with your business – such as clothing for a dry cleaning business or equipment for a repair company
  • Protection for contractor’s equipment – such as machines used at job sites
  • Fine art or exhibits – protects items that are on display or in transit
  • Protection of truck cargo – protects items being purchased by clients or already owned as you transport them

You can purchase this type of coverage as a stand-alone policy or bundled with other business insurance. To know how much coverage you need, you will want to figure the typical cost of items being covered. It’s far better to carry a little extra coverage than to not have enough.

Accidents happen and items can get damaged. You don’t want your company to be required to pay out for damage to customers’ products, equipment or other items. You need Inland Marine insurance for those times when disaster strikes. To find out more about this type of coverage or to get a quote, contact us today.