Umbrella Insurance

Sometimes an insurance policy just doesn’t provide as much coverage as you need. That’s when you need umbrella insurance.

Umbrella insurance is extra coverage when a claim exceeds the amount covered by your insurance. A major car accident or a serious injury at your home or business can leave you in a bad position unless you have the additional coverage. Medical expenses can add up quickly and easily be more than what your regular policy will pay for.

When someone suffers a serious injury or even worse, death, and you’re liable, you could end up losing your home or other assets in a lawsuit. To protect your family, your home, your business and any other assets you may own, you need a policy that will pay for those extra expenses.

Umbrella insurance is an important policy to have in place if you have substantial assets. You can get a policy for $1 million or even $5 million to pay out if you should be held liable for a serious injury.

Protect Your Assets

If you don’t have the additional coverage, your retirement, college fund or other savings could be at risk. Umbrella insurance gives you peace of mind and protects the lifestyle you’ve worked so hard to achieve. It covers you for any additional expenses or even non-covered expenses. It can pay for attorney’s fees if you should end up involved in a lawsuit.

Imagine if the unthinkable happens and someone is injured on your property. They may suffer a drowning accident or a traumatic brain injury from a fall. Your homeowner’s insurance pays out up to $500,000 for medical expenses, but you’re sued for $1 million in damages because the person has suffered permanent damage.

If you don’t have any additional coverage, you’ll have to pay for the extra money awarded against you – unless you have already purchased a personal insurance policy.

You can’t always control events that happen around you. But you can protect your family and the lifestyle you have with an umbrella insurance policy. Call today to find out how much coverage you need to protect your assets and give you peace of mind.